Raphaël Perrier is an exceptional hairdresser, who knew how to seduce the world with his incredible collections. His creativity and his identity stand out from these creations, each one more spectacular than the other. Today, this passionate about hairdressing, travels around the world and shares his time between shooting sessions, covers of fashion magazines and shows. Hair creator for the greatest French musical comedies, he has made Mozart’s Opera Rock iconic hairstyles, Guenièvre’s long hair in The Legend of King Arthur and works with the best haute couture brands.


2012 In the heart of the French capital, he opened his first hair salon. A real jewel, Raphaël Perrier offers a unique timeless experience. It thus offers an unforgettable parenthesis in a dedicated place. The Paris salon is an exceptional place where hairdressers trained in Raphaël Perrier’s finest techniques come together for a signature experience.
Then followed the opening of several salons in China. Prestige and high standards are the watchwords of this outstanding place. Raphaël Perrier’s know-how and mastery are at the heart of the spirit of his hairdressing salons.

Dans une volonté de transmission de son savoir, inspiré par ses ancêtres, il crée sa propre méthode de coiffure. Raphaël Perrier, s’inscrit donc dans une véritable révolution du milieu de l’éducation.
À travers ses innovations techniques, il ne cesse d’améliorer son travail et ses méthodes pour transmettre la meilleure éducation possible. Dans une démarche de proximité constante, il utilise la technologie comme véritable outil de la méthode Pi by RP.



2015 After several years of experience in the entertainment world, Raphaël Perrier opens the first design workshop for cinema, theater and musicals. True goldsmith, his creations are born from a mixture of noble materials and his inspirations straight from his many travels. It perpetuates the know-how of master hairdressers. His audacity and creativity create real hairdressing jewels.
2019 In his hometown of Le Mans, France, he opens a new concept, in his image. The Maison Raphaël Perrier stimulates the five senses in a unique universe. Sensoriality is the watchword of Maison Raphaël Perrier. Travel and know-how from all around the world are brought together for an experience worthy of the greatest. When well-being touches beauty, it creates a moment signed Raphaël Perrier. The same year, Raphaël Perrier brings together everything that fascinates him in a dedicated place. The International Training Center is the heart of the Raphaël Perrier group. It was designed as a real training tool to transmit its method to all hairdressers. Like a souvenir from a trip, he dressed the International Training Center with his most beautiful objects brought back from all over the world. Raphaël Perrier completely reinvents the hairdressing world thanks to his unique method and vision. His desire is to transmit his know-how around him and to share it with the whole world. He expresses his creativity through his shows and his extraordinary hairstyles.



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